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Linyi Longneng Property 10000 kg, Qian Guagua to eat melons group buy group 5300 kg, Shandong Mingchuan Wood Group Co. Ltd. 3000 kg, Linyi Yu Property Services Co. Ltd. 2100 kg, Huake Center 1000 kg. Linian District in the past few days The news of more than 50,000 kilograms of nectarines in Zhujia Tushan Village of Zhulu Town has affected the hearts of countless Linyi people. Launched by the Yimeng Evening News, a love nectar sale was opened. In just two days, 50,000 kilograms of unsalable nectarines were "snapped".

Since the Yimeng Evening News published on the official micro of the 6th, "I want to cry without tears! Linyi Tao farmers urgently ask for help: 50,000 kilograms of nectarines are going to rotten in the ground!" After the article, in the past few days, WeChat registered in the Yimeng Evening News reporter The 4 love sales activities consultation phone has not been broken. These consultation calls include loving companies, units, schools, communities, and countless enthusiastic citizens. They all have a common name cute and kind Linyi people.

The WeChat group established by the Yimeng Evening News for this event, “Community Peach is Cooked”, has become one of the most active WeChat groups in Linyi in recent days. Every day, there are more than 100 enthusiastic citizens participating in it. Solitaire buys nectarines and relays love.

If you are also involved in the event, you will find that in the past two days, from the hot afternoon of the hot sun to the night of the first light of the lantern, you can always see the staff and the report of the Yimeng Evening News at the sales points of various love peaches. Volunteers of the party members of the group, as well as the volunteers of the sports lottery and the volunteers of the money melons, they are in the hot sun, from unloading to sub-packing to weighing and then selling, as if they can do anything, no complaints. From many of the Linyi friends' WeChat friends, you can see the words that praise them. "Reporters and volunteers are all good, pay tribute to your hard work."


9日晚7点,在帮助桃农清理销售现场后,沂蒙晚报记者和党员自愿与陶农一起挥手致意。 “谢谢大家,我希望你们将来到赵家土山村参观港口,并感谢参与活动的所有人。赵家土山村的人民不会忘记你们。香港人将会别忘了你。“赵家土山村主任赵良成感激不尽。







During the two days of the love sale on the 8th and 9th, the party members volunteers of the newspaper group handled, sorted and weighed 35,000 pounds of peaches. Among them, only one day on the 9th, there are 17,000 jin.

Sports Lottery Center staff, college student volunteers: Tao farmers are not easy, we just want to do our best

At 1 pm on the 9th, the sale of "Love Peach" was hot. When the party members’ volunteers in the newspaper group were busy, some loved ones also joined in, including the loving citizens who bought peaches, and the heads of the “Qianguagua” group purchase group and the party members of the Linyi Sports Lottery Center. college students, etc.

"I really like to give you the Evening News reporters. It is not easy to help the peach farmers sell peaches these days. We will also help sort them together." The "Qianguagua" group buying group also launched the "eat melons" to help. The relevant person in charge of the group buying group of the community took the initiative to join the volunteer sorting team to reduce the sales pressure on the spot.

"I heard that the nectarine is being sold, and several party members of our unit decided to come and help." For more than four hours, the volunteers at the Linyi Sports Lottery Center almost stopped, and kept licking the peaches, seriously and focused. Make people move. For the love nectar charity sale, Linyi Sports Lottery gave great support. When they watched the weather forecast saying that there was rain on the afternoon of the 9th, four large sun umbrellas were sent to ensure the normal operation.

“How good a peach!” Ms. Liu, an enthusiastic citizen, volunteered to help sort the peaches, while she regretted the unsalable sales in the early days. As everyone knows, she and some of the loved ones volunteered to help the beautiful figure, was fixed by many passers-by, and sent to a circle of friends.

On the same day, there were some young faces in the volunteer group. They were the summer interns from the China University of Mining and Technology, and they happened to catch up with the event. The college student volunteers not only paid sweat but also gained a lot in this activity. “In the past, the family washed the peaches and did not eat them on the table. By sorting the peaches today, I fully felt the hardship of the peach farmers, and later Don't dare to waste a peach."


“记者同志们,无论多少,我都是全能的。” 9日下午,在油桃慈善拍卖的最后阶段,出现了一位特别关怀的人。


赵华军告诉记者,他曾在临沂水利工程公司工作。 8日晚,在沂蒙晚报组织的临港油桃慈善拍卖会上,他于9日下午来到销售现场帮助大家忙碌。 “我的家庭生意就是我的生意。这也是我应该做的事情来围绕这些桃子。事实上,这也很好。我会把这600公斤的桃子给朋友和同事,这样每个人都可以品尝我的家乡。油桃味道多么美味。“